Established 2006, Integrity Grading and Excavating, Inc. (IGE) is a diversified construction firm. IGE conducts its operations in the upper Midwest with the bulk of its work performed statewide throughout Wisconsin. IGE’s headquarters is located in Schofield, Wisconsin, centrally located within its primary operating region. IGE includes two wholly owned subsidiaries:

1. Integrity Grading and Excavating, Inc., engaged in road, airport, and landfill construction and reconstruction, site construction, improvement, and excavation.

2. Integrity Utility Pros, Inc., engaged in the installation of underground lines for water, sewer, and storm sewer projects in new development, new road construction, and road reconstruction.

IGE is an S Corporation under Wisconsin law, and is wholly owned by four shareholders. IGE”s President, Mr. Allen Weinkauf, has more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry. IGE employs approximately 65 individuals. Its workforce is comprised of both unionized and non-unionized employees, Integrity Grading & Excavating, Inc. (IGE) hires Operating Engineers Local 139 and the Teamsters Local 662. Integrity Utility Pro’s Inc. (IUP) hires Operating Engineers Local 139 and Laborers Union Local 268. IGE has formed solid relationships with both public and private customers such as the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, The Boldt Company, WE Energies, 3M, Zignego Company, Inc., Zenith Tech, Michels Corporation, and Lunda Construction, among others.

IGE owned equipment includes 10 excavators, 7 haul trucks, 10 dozers (with GPS control), 6 loaders, 2 graders, 1 shouldering machine, 9 compactors, 1 Hydro Excavator, and 3 skid steers with equipment carrying an average age of 4.0 years. GPS TOPCON technology is implemented with their equipment. IGE also has the equipment and accessories for completion of underground utility projects.